Travel Must Haves

Every parent thinks about traveling with their children. Whether you have one child, or 4! It is definitely something that we all have thought about.

It is something my husband and I LOVE to do… & still do! So we made it a point to promise each other… once we have kids we would continue to travel, no matter what! Even if it was only once a year, or 6 times a year. We wanted to make sure it was still apart of our lives!

Having twins right off the bat, surely didn’t stop us! We were off to Chattanooga, TN just before the girls were 6 weeks old. [Now granite] it was for my brother’s wedding, which meant LOTS of hands to help… we turned around 2 and half weeks later and flew to Florida! Ya know what… go big or go home, RIGHT?

This page is where I want to provide as many hints/tips for traveling with children!  I’m hoping it’s not only my suggestions… that way it gives a WIDE variety of ages and ways of travel. So keep your eyes peeled, because this page will continue to grow!!

My ‘go to’ MUST HAVES

  1. Dollar Store is a MUST. Here you can find small (some may be choking hazards), affordable new toys for your kiddos! They are great to have on hand, no matter your choice of travel. Every kid loves a new toy, so you can’t go wrong! If it breaks or gets lost, you more thank likely didn’t spend more than $5 bucks on it. Not too bad of a loss! It’s also a great place to find some different snacks.
  2. Every child LOVES to eat… all… day… long!!! Another great item to have on hand, as well as different options. Snacks that they haven’t had before are a great option too! Or if it’s their favorite, just a new package, it may spark a fire in them. Great way to kill 15-30 minutes! Oh, don’t forget the drinks.
  3. Along with toys, most kiddos love books! Here is another good option to help pass some time by. Whether you borrow books from a friend, the library, or bring their favorite from home! Picking up a few new ones isn’t a bad idea either. I know we have toddlers, but paperback are great for traveling! Super lightweight and usually pretty thin. Plus it’s always nice to add to your book collection! Maybe grab some about where you are going, or pick up a couple while you are gone.
  4. Another good activity to have, that’s not only great for traveling, but to use in restaurants too… white boards and dry erase markers! I’m sure you’re thinking, “Markers! What, are you crazy?!” Yea, just a little. Just takes a little practice and showing how to use it the right way!
  5. If you haven’t caught on… I’m trying to avoid electronics. It will be on here at some point, don’t worry!
  6. Coloring… who doesn’t love coloring?? Kids, teenagers, young and older adults! It is a great stress relief and everyone creates their own master piece. It always feels great to show off the finish product! There is also multiple options for coloring; crayons, markers, INVISIBLE markers, colored pencils, regular pencils or pens. Regular notebook paper, printer paper, construction paper, coloring books, recycled bills! The options are endless for this. Something to really think about!!
  7. Younger kiddos are usually visual learners. So something you probably have on hand, that you can make at home… sensory bottles! Plenty of options for this too, just remember if you’re flying – LIQUIDS. Rice with beads and glitter. Sand with small toys. Water with baby oil and food coloring. Tissue paper and toothpicks. You name it! Gatorade bottles work great for this, just make sure to glue the lid shut!


More to come… I promise!