Me… you’re curious to know about me? I feel honored that you’re taking YOUR time to see what this crazy thing we call life, is like for me!

I’m Miranda, sometimes referred to as Mir {just in case you see that somewhere}. One year left in my 20’s and on to a new decade of fun! Fun. Many things fall under that category. Let’s start with just being me! Sense of humor, it is a must. Laid back, but yet a go getter! Passionate… about several things in life. First and foremost, my girls. Twin momma to 1 year old identical girls. Second, life as a wife. It’s an adventure and I would never change it! Adventure; traveling is another passion of mine. Now with my husband & girls, because they deserve to see the world. This world is one I plan to see most of!

Follow along on this journey of mine! Sharing things I love. My every day to day. Favorites. Me being me; whether it’s a good or bad day [we are all entitled to them]! I’m sure you will hear it all.