Know better, Do better.

Crazy to think that 2020 has brought so many ups and downs, for so many people. I mean, you’d be lying to not only yourself – but others – if you said “Oh this year has been ok, nothing too different than any other year.”


You aren’t fooling anyone but yourself. Yes some of you are content staying home and not doing much outside of your own personal lawn. But I’ll be honest, I don’t know many that have said that. Maybe like 5. I’m not trying to say I have a million friends, cause trust me I don’t. But this year has, all in all, been CRAP.

Not only has it been trying for peoples jobs/careers/hobbies/businesses (whatever you call your form of work). It’s been trying mentally and emotionally, for many too. Jobs were lost. Friendships forgotten. Families torn apart. And worst of all, some are no longer with us. All when we least expected it.

One thing everyone needs to take away from all that has happened this year…. know better and do better.

Look into the things that you question. Better yet, look into the things that people question you about.

Figure out what’s best for your mental state of mind, your emotional well being, and your every day life.

Find those who you want to surround yourself with daily – whether thats via texting, phone calls, FaceTiming, Social Media platforms, or face to face!

And most importantly – be able to love yourself. Yes everything else is important above, but I’ve preached this before and I’ll preach it again.




You can’t fully do your job, take care of your family, be there for others or carrying on every day normally … if you don’t love yourself.

So through all of our trials and tribulations, that 2020 has brought us. Find yourself [again]. Know better and do better. Love yourself. It will be the best way to finish 2020 with a bang.

I promise.

P.S. Brush all of that other crazy sh*t off. It’s dust under the rug now. Time to be the bigger and better person and move on. ♥️

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