Life… 1 year later.

I’ve been MIA – because of, you guessed it, life. Especially life with 2 toddlers… lets be real here. We all think we will devote our time, to do things we NEED to do. How many of you can raise your hands & actually say that you do that?

High five, to those of you who didn’t raise your hand.

Those of you that did raise your hand…. pat yourself on the back, you deserve it.

Over the last year – YES, it’s been that long since I’ve posted anything – there have been many life changes. Some for the good, maybe some that weren’t so good. But that’s just how things go, right? It wouldn’t be a realistic life if all was perfect. Just living the dream over here guys, don’t worry!

For real though… we sold our 1st home, moved in with my mom, I’m still working, have almost 3 year olds, traveled [bet you didn’t expect anything different], went through 4 more seasons, and here we are! Trying to get back in to a real routine of things. Yes it’s summer, so it’s hard some days – I mean who doesn’t love to be outside and on the go? We do, but at times we just need to stop & rest. Like today. I have a lot that I’d like to dial into this month – it’s a slower month with work, so I have now to get into the swing of things. Other wise I know I won’t ever do it! So who wants to give me a swift kick in the a** to get going??? Any takers???

For my sanity to regain itself, hopefully you’ll find me here a little more often. Next I’m hoping is the gym – at home workouts haven’t been making the cut. Healthy meals… yup, I’ve really missed you. How about a clean house? Ha. Who am I kidding! I guess I need to train my children to help more, attach a vacuum to the constantly shedding dog, and throw allllllll the stuff away. Oh how that would be amazing!

You can all start sending your ‘How to Train Your Children’ suggestions – it is GREATLY appreciated. 😀 [anyone catch what I just did there? Haha.]

Let the melt down begin, all because I said we were all out of grapes. How’s your Friday afternoon starting out?

Anyone else’s kiddos have a 4th of July hangover? Anyone? No? Ok… just mine.

On that note, before you find me hiding under a blanket – I guess I should be productive. Time to clean up this tornado of a house and get my list going! Till next time… I promise it won’t be another year!

As always, MUCH LOVE.

XO – Mir

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