-Life as a Part Time working Momma-

Who would have thought 2 years ago, when I stopped working [at the end of my pregnancy], that I would have been presented the opportunity of a dream job for myself?! Pretty sure I thought all my chances for this were out the window and never going to happen… But boy was I wrong!

Deciding to be a stay at home mom was never hard. Knowing that I wanted to be the one there for my girls, all day every day, was the easiest decision when we found out we were expecting! I’m sure for my husband, that is a different story. For him to ultimately be the sole provider for his new family of 4 (to be). To keep an eye on ALL finances, while I was at every beck and call to our brand new 2 infants. I can’t imagine the feelings he felt, but I sure do feel very grateful for the opportunity to stay home!

Now we have gone through MANY life changes since our girls were born. MAJOR job change for my husband. Selling our first home, to moving in with my mom [yes that was our choice and no we DID NOT have to do that]. Normal every day ups and downs in life. Friendships have come and gone. Our relationship as husband and wife, has been tested more in the last year and a half… than in the 7 years of being together. But we have gotten through it. Each and every step!

Most recently our life change [aside from moving], is myself going back to work. Only part time… for now. *wink*wink*

We were on vacation… can anyone guess where?! [Hawaii for those of you would couldn’t guess it! LOL]… in March when I got the message of;

“Are you looking for work? If so, the job is yours.                                                               No need to interview, just let me know!”

We were at the beach and I just remember feeling overwhelmed (but in a good way), excited, nervous, and unsure all at the same time. My jaw dropped, for the pure fact that I couldn’t really believe what I was reading. I took a little time to think about it, talk with my husband and mom, and just feel out the whole ‘Going back to work…’ thing. I had all sorts of emotions running through me, but in my heart I knew I couldn’t pass this up. If this was really going to happen, I just had to do it. We would figure it out, one step at a time.

So a couple hours later, once we were back from the beach… I responded. But simply telling her we were on vacation and asked if we could talk when I got home. She didn’t hesitate and accepted what I said! It was then that I knew that this was really going to happen. I took the rest of our family vacation focusing on my girls, my husband, time with my mom and thinking about how our lives were going to change… but for the better!

… A little back story to how this became a dream job for me! …

Just a little over 5 years ago, after my dad passed away, I needed to get out of the rut I was in. So I decided to pursue some sort of education to become a Certified Wedding Planner! The course was a ‘do at your own pace’, but had a year to complete everything. I had been in my fair share of weddings, whether as a bridesmaid, an attendant, a guest, or there to help. It was just something that always felt right to me! Especially knowing that I had friends who trusted me to help them with their big days. Fast forward 8 months and I held a certificate of a completed task I accomplished and felt great about! [Although at that time I was happy where I was working and didn’t really intended to do anything with this certificate at that time]

Then in December of 2014, my then boyfriend, purposed to me. That was when all of the information I obtained came flooding in! It didn’t take us very long to have everything figured out, booked, and ready to do… I mean we were married 10 months later! It was during those 10 months that I fell in love with our venue we got married at, so much I knew I belonged there. The owner and I briefly touched on me working for her, here and there through our planning process… but it wasn’t until AFTER we were married, that she really considered it! Except 6ish weeks later… we found out our family would be growing. Then 6ish weeks after that… we found out our family would be growing, not by 2 feet, but by 4! So the talk of me working at the wedding venue was put on hold. ALL FOR THE RIGHT REASONS THOUGH!

… So fast forward almost 2 years later and here I am. Working for the one place my heart yearned to be at! I’m not going to lie, there were MANY times I reached out to the owner. Wanting to give it a shot, even with 2 babies, I was bound and determined to figure it out! As time passed and life resumed it’s rollercoaster, in the end THIS timing is everything.

I am a FIRM believer on, “Things happen when you least expect it.” That seriously couldn’t be more true, for the good and the bad times. These things that happen, always happen for a reason, they have a meaning and a purpose in your life! This opportunity happened when we all least expected it and I couldn’t be happier.

So you are all now reading this story, coming from the newest team member at Storybook Gardens – Event Manager/Coordinator, Miranda Marshall. A HUGE thank you to Jana Gruben, Owner/Operator, for this amazing opportunity! I’m not sure words will ever describe the fulfillment you have given me.

[Photo Credit: Roni Rose Photography]

Much love everyone! Thank you for following along my inconsistent posts!!

❤ – Mir

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