Long time… no talk!

No talk is right. Holy smokes have our lives been on a roller coaster since March! Yes we have 2 toddlers. Yes my husband works full time and then some. Yes I am a stay at home mom [that doesn’t mean I have all of this free time.] Yes life can just get the best of us!

But let me tell you… not only have we been doing life. We listed and sold our first home, in less than 24 hours. Went on an amazing vacation [of course to our favorite place ever, Hawaii!] Came home to our future home under construction. Packed up our entire house with 2 very busy and antsy toddlers. Moved into our new home – which is my childhood home – while still under some construction. Then closed and said goodbye to our first home… very emotional day for this momma.

There have been other changes, during all of that process – which I will be sharing here very shortly! I just really needed to get a grip on this new life style, new home, and all of the many transitions our girls went through!

Now that all of the craziness (for now) is behind us! I am hoping to get back on the ball. But lets be real here, it may still take me a littler while! I have topics on my list, little blurbs here and there… it’s just a matter of FINISHING my first office and sitting down to type away! So in due time my friends, in due time.

I hope all of you had a great and dry Spring [ours was pretty wet, in like a lion out like a lamb really.] Our Summer is starting off pretty amazing and adventurous, fingers crossed it stays that way!

Much love to everyone & I’ll be back shortly!


One thought on “Long time… no talk!

  1. Being mom is world’s most lovable job to do….I also have 2 daughter wid a big indian happy family so, I can understand. We women’s love dis job.Taking care of everything and every single person in d house gives us unconditional love & happiness…bless u your family dear….

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