Love yourself. Do YOU love yourself?

2017. Hello. Then goodbye. [This is by far my longest post, just a heads up!]

Wait what? How is that possible? Just yesterday I remember my babes trying their first table food. Mastering sitting by themselves. Learning to crawl, walk, and talk! Its no joke when they say, ‘the days are long but the years are short.’ I thought time flew by before kiddos. Ha. Boy, was I wrong! [Think back, what were YOU doing a year ago? Can you remember??]

Am I sad to see that 2017 is done and gone? Honestly… Not really. Parts of it I do miss, but all in all… nope. [Sorry, not sorry.] Our girls were the HIGH light of our days, as they will be from here on out. But, 2017 was probably our hardest year yet! New obstacles [2 babies, job loss, new job, 1 income, new schedule from new job, life style changes… shall I keep going???] and challenges were thrown our way. Big and little. All when we least expected it too! But that is life, right?

God does things in a funny way [or whoever you may believe in…]. Although all of those things have a purpose/meaning, you may not always like them. AGAIN, this is life! So take it for what it is. Learn to love it. If you can’t love it…. then just deal with it! YOU are the only one who has the power. Power over the things you want and don’t want in your life! YOU have to change them if you don’t like them. But just remember… one will only change, when one is ready.

‘If you want to be disciplined in any area of your life stay focused exclusively on the outcome you want.’ – Joe Duncan

2017. It’s the year I learned to not care [what others think, want, or wish of me] as much. To not care about the things that don’t really matter. Stop focusing on the people who aren’t always there, like you thought they would be [or how you were there for them]. To not care about petty things that EVERYONE gets wrapped up in. As well as not making excuses. This is the year I learned to love my self!

It may have taken me an entire year [or 29 years for that matter], but I did it. I can say that I have no issue with my own company! I am married and things are amazing [no one needs to question that!]… but that doesn’t mean that I couldn’t learn to be alone and like it. I feel it is VERY important for all of us, as individuals, to get to know your own self. Love thy self for who they are, even when things are trying and hard!

Those obstacles and challenges I mentioned earlier required a new life style… for all of us! Which also meant schedule changes [who REALLY likes change, lets be honest here!] Adjusting to life at home alone with our girls, Monday through Friday [sometimes Saturday & Sunday]. Earlier mornings and later nights [on the same day too]. My husband hardly being around, which worried me for many reasons! This just names a FEW of the things we all went through. But man… was it hell at times!

Daddy & His Girls

“What will happen to our relationship? All of this change, is it going to drive us apart or bring us closer? Is he still going to be able to bond with our girls? Will they even know who he is?! Date nights, what are those? Me time, is that ever gonna happen?”

Some of these [^] are going to be a thing of the past {date nights for sure}! To say our girls are momma’s girls, is an understatement! Me time was totally put on hold! The girls HAVE built a bond with their dad. He has also learn to truly appreciate his time with them!

We adjusted and things soon became our ‘new normal’. It took some time. LOTS of trials, effort, and CHANGE. That was the hardest part! Change. This for me, was learning to be ok by my self, 75-80% of the time. Get to know my own self [this new self of being called “momma”]. As well as love my self, no matter what! I was so use to a schedule, I mean that is only human nature, right [5+ years of the same schedule]? So being alone M/F (mainly at the beginning) – HOLY SHOCK! We had some awesome family times… but of course the dreaded ugly ones. But again… that is life, right? Our new life.

Along with learning to love myself, came learning how to be, what I want to be for my girls. Setting an example was first and foremost [in more ways, than anyone would ever think about]! The list began and it felt like it was never going to stop. But as a mother, your list never stops. It continuously grows, but I didn’t expect anything different!

Besides loving myself 100%… I have the love for my girls. More than they will ever know! That to me, is now more important than anything else.

Lots of love.

Mir XO

P.S. – Good for you if you made it this far. I rambled and I’m sorry!!

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