Vacations: Driving or Flying, what do you prefer?

Vacations. The idea of them is always so exciting at the beginning! The planning of where you are going to go. Things you will do once you’re there. Places you want to see. Restaurants you’d like to try! The list grows and grows, as time gets closer and closer… But then you realize its the week before you leave. And queue the panic. Your to-do-lists begin and usually on several different pieces of paper! Each day passes, going faster and faster as the hours go by. Now only a few days out. Again, queue the stress! You think your lists are becoming less and less… when in all reality, they continue to grow! I’m sure this all sounds way too familiar. It sure did for me, just a few weeks ago!!


We decided to take a small road trip in the middle of October! We flown more places than drive with the girls, so this was new. The destinationS (yes we stayed at more than one place), we chose to stay at were all 3+ hours away, driving… from home to our first stop, as well as each stop after! Call us crazy, but we did it. Since it’s been a little while now, I have decided that flying with 2 toddlers is easier! Why you may ask?? Well imagine yourself being contained to one seat (a car seat), strapped in over the shoulders and legs for a total of 6 hours, in just one day. But this isn’t the only day you have to do this! There is at least 3 days of that time in a car seat… The other days of your road trip, you may have any where from 30 mins to 1 hours one way, between destinations! [I’m sure you’re thinking thats the same as any driving at home, which it may be.] An iPad, toys, books, coloring books, snacks, drinks… you name it. None of it was enough!


Some of you may still be thinking, “How is flying any better??” Well you can get up and walk around. You can go to the bathroom, without adding more time to your trip. There are other people around, which helps entertain a toddler/child. They may, or may not, have their own seat and NOT completely strapped down! Which allows for them to stretch out and possibly LAY DOWN to sleep (pictured above ^). Some planes have inflight entertainment, which gives another option for you to use. Being on an airplane, if your toddler/child hasn’t before, is a whole new experience and exciting! Driving in a car, whether it’s yours or a rental, is pretty much the same no matter where you go. Most flights provide some sort of a snack too! This helps change up what you might have brought. Most kids like to try [snack that is] something they have never had before!

You guys catching my drift??? This isn’t to try and prove a point, just speaking from experience. Although I’m sure some of you are thinking I’m crazy! One way or another, traveling with kids is never an easy feat! But that doesn’t mean you guys shouldn’t try it. Life doesn’t need to stop now that you have little feet following you. They deserve to see the world, just as much as us adults do! Traveling also doesn’t have to be expensive. There are so many different options out there, including [but not limited to] places to stay, ways to rent vehicles, how to get from A to B, eating meals and things to do! Just have to do your research, weigh out all of your options and do what is best for your family. It is definitely do able, just remember that

I’m working on adding a page for the “go to’s” and “must haves” for traveling… I know what works for my family, but what works for yours?! I’d love to hear from as many of you as possible… who knows, your hints/tips may be that one thing that another family is looking for! Share away, in the comments or message me personally. Can’t wait to hear from you!!

11 thoughts on “Vacations: Driving or Flying, what do you prefer?

  1. We have always driven with no issues. When we first started traveling when we had kids we would leave when they would be sleeping so that majority of the driving was when they were sleeping. That has seemed to work for us. We are headed on a 2 week vacay in January and are going to drive again with all the kids leaving real early in the morning this time and drive during the day for the scenery. We have never flown with the kids, eventually we will when they all get a little bigger to do a family all inclusive but that gets pricey paying for a seat for 6 of us. So driving is more realistic for the time being.. 🙂

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    1. Totally agree about it being a little more realistic when there is 6 of you! We have tried to take advantage of flying with the girls, while they are free lol. That will end this up coming July! Initially our plan was to leave while the girls were still sleeping… but they had JUST started sleeping through the night! So I didn’t want to disrupt that. Lesson learned though lol


  2. We have always been a road tripping family. Honestly, I’m scared of the expense of flying for a family of five. Plus, we love to stop at all the sights along the way to our end destination. It took a lot of trial and error but we have found ways to make it an enjoyable experience for everyone. Although, I enjoyed flying when we only had one child. It was such a faster way of getting there!

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  3. I prefer flying!! as i and my toddler had a sick motion when we had too long on the car or if the driver isn’t drive well (for us), so it’s better flying hihihi 😀

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  4. I like getting to a vacation destination any way I can get there – ha!! Our daughter is now 7 years old and some years have been easier flying, while others were easier driving.

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  5. I completely agree with you that flying is way easier than driving. We just returned from a road trip that was 8 hours each way. My 5 and 2 year olds were not thrilled to be strapped in their car seats. However, this weekend I am flying with the two of them solo…so I might change my mind;).

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  6. We’ve always driven on our vacations. Stopping to walk around makes things take longer, but you’ve got the option of stopping. We did fly to Hawaii this spring and getting from point A to Point B on the same day was wonderful, but after all of the turbulence on the flight home it’ll be a long time before I get onto another plane!

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  7. As a traveling family, we love to do anything and everything to see more of this world… even with baby! I never felt that our traveling had to end once we started a family and was right! Now we road trip and fly all the time and actually enjoy it, even when it’s not easy! Glad to see another mom in the same boat.

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