My ‘Messy Momma’ 5 Minutes of Fame

Just about a week ago, I had the pleasure of doing a collaboration with another momma! She has started her own YouTube page, her Messy Momma blog, as well as her Facebook page. Slowly but surely, she will rise to the top in her own personal way! A way that is unique compared to some of the more recent bloggers I have come across. I mean, who is brave enough to get in front of a camera WILLING these days… Oh wait, SHE IS! Not only is it pretty awesome to do weekly videos on her Youtube page, she blogs weekly about ALL sorts of things too. Her biggest focus, for her audience, is her pride in the ‘Messy Momma Movement’! Before I dig in any deeper about this wonderful movement, let me introduce this amazing momma.

Samantha, or better known as Sam, is a wife and mom to her 2 beautiful children. Not only does she juggle being a wife, a mother, a dance mom, a baseball mom, AND a working mom [phewwww I’m tired just typing that!]… she started a new passion with a YouTube channel and her blog, Messy Momma. I was lucky enough to met Sam a little over 2 years ago, when she was doing free lanced hair/makeup! I decided to do a Boudoir Photoshoot (EVERY WOMAN SHOULD, at least ONCE in their life) and Sam was the lucky winner to tame my mane and beautify my face. We had connected via social media after that! She followed and liked my things… which in turn I did the same thing. Fast forward to now! Here we both are blogging and taking a new leap of faith.

During our time together last week, we got to be US. She came to my house mid morning, we enjoyed a cup of coffee together and just TALKED! Her son joined her, eventually my girls did too [they were napping when she first arrived]. He played so nicely and was very curious about all the ‘new’ toys he was able to explore! While Sam and I enjoyed each others company, she was expanding on her YouTube Channel. While chatting away she was recording everything we talked about! SAY WHAT?! I willing got in front of a camera!! It wasn’t that bad. Or so I told myself!… No really, couldn’t even tell it was there.

Sam had questions for me, I had questions for her. We went back and forth chatting, answering each others questions, giving tips/hints, telling stories! Before we knew it, it had been over an hour. Time flew by! Two of the biggest things that stuck out the most during our time together, was her ‘Messy Momma Movement’ and our social media talk. What is the ‘Messy Momma Movement’ you ask? Sam’s words are as follows;

“I want women and parents to support one another on this journey; I want to embrace the raw imperfections that come along with life. A place where we find beauty in what may sometimes feel like chaos. These moments are temporary and character building. Why should we shame one another for having them, when in fact, they should be celebrated.” -Messy Momma

She makes very valid points in her statement… Support. Embrace. Imperfections. Chaos. Temporary. Shame. Celebrate. All of these words and their meanings speak out loud. Things that us ‘moms’ need to remember! Especially when communicating with one another, or being there for each other. Everyone’s life is different, but yet the same in it’s own little ways! But that doesn’t mean that one mom deserves to be ‘shamed’ or ‘put down’, for doing/saying something differently than YOU would. What makes you any BETTER, than her? Do you feel empowered to make one feel LESS, because they are doing/saying something a way you don’t agree or like? If so, rethink your ways and put yourself in that persons shoes. I’d say there is a slight chance that something is impacting the way you see things… and if it was me, that something may be SOCIAL MEDIA. This is where we need to be there for one another. Spread the Messy Momma Movement and ENCOURAGE one another!

Social media has changed the way ‘mothering’ takes place now days. TOTALLY different during this generation, compared to how it was for our parents! Although I’m sure our parents had their own little things that impacted their parenting. It’s NOTHING like it is today. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Google… You name it! Even T.V. shows and movies largely impact some mother’s ways of, ‘how to be a mother’. Especially first time moms who may not have that ‘friend’ to lean on or turn to during those rough times! I’m with Sam when I say this… Social media is NOT a bad thing and I’m not disregarding it, by any means. Just simply pointing out, how it can heavily impact a moms way of ‘mothering’! It has it’s MANY perks, but also has MANY set backs… if one gets caught up in them. I know I am guilty for becoming enthralled in certain topics! I end up shaking my head and saying to myself, “Why did I just waste my time reading or following all of that?!” [Yes it is a waste of time.] My girls and my husband (the dog too) should be my focus, not some silly post on Facebook that ends up meaning NOTHING to me.

None of this is meant towards ANY ONE individual. We are simply trying to open mommas eyes, to the bigger picture of our #messymommamoments. Be there for one another. Support the Imperfections, us moms encounter. Encourage one another to do more. Embrace the Chaos that goes on during our days. Remember most things are Temporary. Lastly, to Celebrate these moments… not Shame others moments.

Sam. Thank you! I appreciate getting my ‘5 Minutes of Fame,’ with you. Never thought I’d get that opportunity! It was a lot of fun and I can’t wait to collaborate with you again! If anyone is interested in sharing their #messymommamoments with Sam, PLEASE DO. She is ALWAYS looking for new mommas to share their stories!

*Several links are associated with this post. The links that have been provided, have been approved by the affiliate. Everything stated, without quotation, is my own personal opinion.*


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