Shout out to the TRUE friends.

What’s up peeps?? How has life been?? It’s a normal, busy day in the Marhsall household. It’s been like this for a couple weeks! Although life can get crazy, I wouldn’t change a single thing.  The time in a day can go by so slowly, some days. But yet it feels like the days are flying by… [How is this possible?] I will say, over these few weeks I have ponder about a part of my last post, A LOT! Hence why there hasn’t been another since… it’s been 6 weeks. Oh well. That’s life! Mom life.

Life = Family. Friends. Children. Activities. [Friends.] Errands. Cleaning. Vacations. [Friends.] Hugs & Kisses. Sleep [wait what’s that??]…. Did I mention FRIENDS? As a mom, I have learned it can be unreasonably difficult trying to keep friends. While ALSO trying to make new ones! Those you thought would stick around, after all of that “talk” during your pregnancy… disappear. No calls. No texts. No stopping by. No nights out. Nothing! Just when you thought they might be a [best/good] friend, you think again. Some of them being moms themselves! Just makes you realize, how I viewed our friendship was COMPLETELY different than their view. It can make you feel used and abused! Which is never a good feeling… especially when you want [or need] them around, more than ever.

Then there are the friends that you may have lost touch with…. BUT children have brought you back together! [Just maybe not as close as you once were.] I guess to me it doesn’t make a difference, because now we can relate to each other! Randomly text one  another. That “small” talk no one else may really understand, except another mom… yea they just get it! There may also be a few that you literally feel like you NEVER stopped talking. Which is always a good feeling! Especially when you may be feeling like those “friends”, [you thought were friends,] haven’t been there for you.

Making NEW friends. It has come easily with some, while others it feels like you’re pulling your hair out! All to just try and have a conversation. I feel pretty fortunate to have connected with the few I have! Not only do they seem real, but they seem TRUE. There are common interests, outside of children, that have allowed for us to feel like US. Not just moms always talking about “mom” things! Which is pretty important these days!! Now those [FRIENDS], I think they may just be keepers. And I say FRIENDS as a plural, because lucky for me there are several! It makes it easier when you don’t feel like you have to keep trying, over and over again. Those are the ones, that make you feel like you’re pulling your hair out… even when it’s about something you BOTH have a like for! They may just be the “friends” not worth trying [too] hard for.

But lets not forget about the TRUE FRIENDS…With that… Shout out to my BEST FRIEND! The one that was there [wayy] before children ever came into the picture. The one I was there for her “I do,” as she was for mine. The one that has & will ALWAYS tell it how it is… because she knows I will do the same! We may go a day or two without talking. [Usually never more than 2 lol] We may get a lot of grief from our significant others, for how often we can talk. Our children go to one another, as if they have seen them EVERY day of their lives! She is the one that is still here, has ALWAYS been here, & hopefully will be all along. She deserves a lot of credit! She never gave up or stopped trying!! She is a TRUE friend.

And for that, I thank you! Thank you for being you. All of the time. It means more than you’ll ever know!

So here is to my BEST FRIEND, to the new TRUE friends, & the friends that have TRULY tried. [Whether we have reconnected or continued to be there for EACH OTHER…]

This is for you!

5 thoughts on “Shout out to the TRUE friends.

  1. Real “true” friends are so few and far between but when you find them they are just indispensable ❤️❤️❤️ Letting go is definitely a learning lesson I’ve had to experience time and again. I tend to want to hold on to those less than stellar friendships but they’re not worth it.

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