It’s time.

Over the last year my life has changed tremendously. Not only for the best, but in so many ways I never expected! There have been so many ups, that I can’t help but smile when I think of them… but for some reason the more trying times and some of the changes, have been weighing on me. Maybe it’s because I thought I tried as hard as I could? Or maybe because, it wasn’t enough? One way or another, in the end it’s just not meant to be! [These are] some things I may just never know the answer to. That’s the hardest part [moving on] for me!

We all have big life changes in one way or another. Whether it’s a career change, a death, an injury, losing friends, or starting a family… each and every one of these impacts everyone differently! Some may brush it off and move on to the next. Others may dwell on it for longer than need be. That’s the glory of the saying, ‘To each, their own.’ No matter what has happened in [YOUR] life just remember, EVERYTHING HAPPES FOR A REASON!

Starting a family with my husband was the BEST decision that him and I could have ever made! Many factors of life have changed since then. One being choosing to stay home with my girls and no longer work! For me this was one of the many ups I have experienced recently. But something I didn’t realize would happen [as quickly as it did], deciding to do that… losing touch with those you thought were close to you. Even after an effort was made, from both sides, things just aren’t the same! But that’s just life and those things happen. Friends will come and go, but I will always know who’s gonna be around forever.

Work. Career. Job. Whatever you decide to call it! Just when you think you’ve hit the jack pot… it’s a sad joke and it’s all taken away from you. Another trying time in life we never thought we would experience! Especially when we did. But we stuck together, leaned on one another, and made it through! Was it hard? Yes. Did we question many things? Of course. Are we in a better place? I truly believe that we are. More so now, than we pictured ourselves 6 months ago. But again, this is a change that has only made us stronger in the end!

Life truly has come full circle these last 2 years. The good times will always out weigh the bad [for me]. As much as I sat and held on to the more trying times, I need to let them go. Now more than ever! I have realized a lot and it’s time to move on from certain things. Show my girls that you live and you learn. Forgive and forget. Most importantly, treat OTHERS how YOU want to be treated.

It’s time.

5 thoughts on “It’s time.

  1. Couldn’t have been said better with knowing the 2 years you’ve had. I need to take some of your advice and use it in my own life!! Love ya 😘


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