What are YOUR fall essentials?

With this chilly air settling in right now, it has me excited for the cooler days…. and nights too! Mainly nights though. I sleep with a soft, warm, fuzzy blanket YEAR round. Ask my husband! I travel every where with it. But when these chilly nights start, it’s like I’m a kid in a candy store… ALL BECAUSE I CAN USE MY BLANKET! LOL I feel like such a child. Speaking of children, I’m hoping they are the next reason we will travel with soft, warm, fuzzy blankets. Then the spot light is off me!

With that being said, blankets aren’t my only fall essential. I love my slippers & boots, sweat pants, and over sized sweater/sweatshirts. Along with a new found love of cardigans! I was never a big fan of them, until I became a nursing momma. They are amazing for around the house! Especially when it is chilly in the mornings and then at night, during the day it’s easy to take off or throw back on quickly. Can’t go wrong! I’m also boasting about these, because I recently scored some cute long ones from Old Navy. On sale, perfect fall colors, and THEY HAVE POCKETS! Yes, pockets. Who doesn’t love something with pockets? If you don’t, you aren’t human…. well at least I don’t think you are.

What other fall essentials are there? Some will say warm drinks, [I have those year round, or I try too. They tend to end up as iced, 9 times out of 10!] a cute scarf, fuzzy/thick socks, etc… the list could go on and on! So with that being said, let me know what YOUR fall essentials are. I want to hear from as many of you as I can! I’m going to create a new page on my blog [A post will follow once it’s up] that will consist of the top 10 essentials, YOU guys come up with. Don’t go overboard and give me like 50, I’m thinking no more than 10! Also, I want to hear from EVERYONE!! Not just mommas…

So get to thinking!!

2 thoughts on “What are YOUR fall essentials?

  1. I love a good blanket scarf instead of throwing on a jacket to leave the house! It also can give a great pop of color!


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