I’ve been mommin’…BIG TIME.

Guys, I have got to say… I have done some SERIOUS ‘momming’ this last week! I know that is what I am, but really. This month has been non stop and the last week, feels like it’s been a month it self!

Even though we have twins, [yes all we hear is “Your hands are full!” “Oh double trouble.” “WOW, twins?!”] we have good babies on our hands. Even when they are sick or teething!! How did we get so lucky this past year? Beats me. ALL of last week, one of them was dealing with some sort of something. Whether is was just being under the weather, a slight fever, or just wanting cuddles. Each day I, yes I, lucked out where it was only one baby at a time! Was also fortunate enough that the other baby was content by themselves, a majority of the day.

Now don’t get me wrong, we have our rough moments. Just not as often as A LOT of people think! Someone once told me, the reasoning behind all of this…. is the parents. Your children are going to behave and react in the same ways that you will. So if you freak out, panic, or become stressed [whether under pressure or not], your children are going to act in a similar way! Now this may or may not be true for everyone, but I will say that I took that little piece of advice and ran with it.

Now hear we are, Monday evening. I had all intentions of writing at least TWICE this past weekend… but clearly that didn’t happen. So I have some catching up to do! Again tonight short, sweet, and to the point. I survived a very LONG week, but got lots of LOVING from my girls! So in the end it was all worth the sleepless nights and long drawn out days.

Nighty, night everyone.


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