I’m so tired, my tired is tired. 

Teeth. It’s a real thing. We have been fortunate the last year to breeze right through the first 12. This next set. Holy. Moly. This momma needs an IV with the strongest caffeine possible! 

Since we just transitioned the girls into their room, we are trying our hardest to not bring them in our room. But fighting with 2 1 year olds, for 2 hours. Yup, I’m caving! Luckily it’s been only 1 at a time, although the sleep I was getting without them I got use to. So having a baby in bed now, I love the cuddles, but let’s be real here! 

Feet in the chest. Fist in the face. Butt in my stomach. Gahhhhh!!! Mommy loves you girls…. butttttttt no more night time in our bed. Mornings and during the day snuggles are a different story! I’ll take that any day and all day. DAY. That’s the key word! So here’s to some shut eye and the strongest caffeine I can get tomorrow. 

Short, sweet, simple and to the point. Night y’all!

2 thoughts on “I’m so tired, my tired is tired. 

  1. Bella crawls in bed with us every night. Every. Single. Night. Almost always between 1am-2am. If she goes to Daddy’s side of the bed, she in our bed hands down. If she comes to Mommy’s side of the bed, I bring her back to her room. Hence, she usually goes to Daddy! Bella does the ‘alligator roll’ in our bed trying to get comfortable. We are punched, kicked and rolled on all in one motion. Good luck with catching the zzzzz’s Mama.

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    1. I thought we were in the clear last night… 4am happened. I calmed her down enough to go back to sleep! Then 5am came around. Needless to say I have a baby in my side right now lol! I’m glad I got some sleep though.


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