… You Gotta Do You …

Shopping. It’s a thing of the past… for myself that is. I try to make it an importance to make sure I feel like me, as often as I can! Shopping use to be one of the ways I would do that. But things have changed and if money only grew on trees, shopping for all of us wouldn’t be a worry! Also doesn’t help that my body has changed TREMENDOUSLY since having our girls. Pregnancy is a beautiful thing, but my oh my it makes a woman go through a lot [in a short period of time too]! Those of you that know me personally, in your eyes it may have changed for the better… But that doesn’t mean I always FEEL better about myself! So when I can score a good piece of clothing, for the right price and great fit, it gets me excited!! 

I’ve always been one to try and keep up with the current fashion. Or at least the fashion I’m most comfortable with! Wearing jeans or leggings and t-shirts every day, has become the new norm lately. Which can make anyone forget, how to be them self! Although I will forever look at myself as mom first. I’m blessed to have that as my role in life. The world around me can love me, hate me or fall apart around me. I know I will wake up with my kids and say I’m beyond happy. Even when I look at most of my clothes with a sad look; hanging on hangers, folded on shelves, or put away in a drawer. I am trying to be better at actually wearing my clothes, or as some moms will say “pull myself together”! Some days allow for it and others don’t. That IS motherhood at its finest! 

I’m lucky enough to have friends, who are fellow moms, that like to feel themselves too. Knowing that we can give each other reasons to “feel like ourselves”, makes the days that do allow for it well worth it. Especially when you have a little bit of extra time in your day, to find a special piece to add to your closet! That was me this past weekend. I lucked out and was able to enjoy a couple of stores, kid free! It felt pretty good, and not because I was able to do something I enjoyed so much before children… but because I felt like me. Now don’t get me wrong! For those of you thinking I’m trying to say I don’t feel like me with my children… You’ve gotten me all wrong. That’s not the point I’m trying to portray here! Just simply stating that there is MORE to me, than being mom. That goes for all of you mommas out there. Try to not forget about YOU! When you do you, it allows for a better momma for your littles. 

So go shopping. Get a mani/pedi. Watch a movie with a girlfriend. Go out to eat with yourself or a friend. Read a book at a coffee shop… The list goes on. It is all so worth it! That I can promise you. You’ll appreciate those smiles, hugs, & cuddles that much more when you get home. This quote is a great reminder – 
“Your kids don’t want a perfect mom, they want a happy one.” -Unknown. 

This happy momma scored her ‘go to’ fall top & a new pair of booties over the weekend. TJ Maxx for the win!! Wonder what I’ll do next when I go to do me??? 

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