And today is??

Man oh man. What a day it has been! Wait… what day is it?? I have seem to lost track of, oh ya know, a lot these last 2 days. Lack of sleep will do that to ya! You may be asking yourself, “Why is she losing sleep?” Well why don’t I just tell ya! 
Wednesday morning I woke up and we started our day as we usually would. Except I had a thought, one I wasn’t too sure I was ready to act on… but decided to do it anyways. It took me all day to actually ACT on it though! My husbands point of view on this thought, would have been an easier route to take. But I figured go big or go home, right?! 
This said ‘thought’, that I’m still not sure I was/am ready for, was to move our girls into their own room. I’m sure you’re thinking to yourself, “Wait aren’t they a bit old to NOT be in their room already?” They very well might be, in YOUR eyes. But for us, or mainly me, I was perfectly content and happy where they were… although THEY started to show different signs. So I knew it was time to transition them and that’s exactly what we did!
Fast forward two days later, 4.5 hours of sleep the first night and 6 hours broken up the second night. Did we travel back in time?? Are we back to the newborn stage??? Cause it sure feels like it!! Throw in the start of runny noses and sneezing too. Just great! But you know what, we are surviving! YES I WAS A BLUBBERING MESS. Go ahead and insert an *eye roll* from some of you. I don’t care. Judge me all you want! You do you and we will do us. That’s most important!
We will get through it, I have faith. They needed the room! So we put both cribs together and mannnn does it look cozy. I’d like to crawl into their bed with them!!! Oh wait, I did that last night. Oops! Hehehehehe. I had to do, what I had to do. Not having them right by my side all night is hard! I watch that monitor like a hawk. But I am soaking up the cuddles and appreciating them that much more now. In due time, we will all have the sleep we need and have desired for some time now! It was time…. 




I think. 🤔😩😴

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