Do you ever feel you need an adjustment?

~Before I truly get into my post, I’d like to acknowledge a fellow twin momma who is going through a VERY rough time right now. A mother’s worst nightmare really. For everyone reading this; if you could please wear the color PURPLE tomorrow, say a prayer for a sweet little girl Livy, her mother Amanda, and Livy’s doctor & his team!! She will be undergoing a surgical procedure, to treat a rare form of cancer. So again, prayers and PURPLE! It means more than words can describe for this momma. Thank you!!~



After I enjoyed my breakfast and show this morning, it took everything in me to be productive… [speaking of show, who watches ‘The Bachelor/Bachelorette’?? I won’t give any spoilers, but not sure how I feel about that ending!!] Any who! I’ve had a bad back since high school, super unfortunate. I was lucky enough that it gave me ZERO problems during entire my pregnancy! Now after the fact… different story. But I mean chasing after 2 babies all day long, pretty sure something was bound to happen.

Being alone all day long doesn’t allow for me to get the proper rest, when things like this happen. Nothing a little ice, ACTUALLY relaxing during a nap, and a visit to the Chiropractor can’t fix! Right??

You guys seriously. If you have never seen a chiropractor, DO IT! It’s like a miracle has come across my body & I only had ONE adjustment. I go back on Thursday for another adjustment [which isn’t usually what I do… once a month is typically good]. Magic fingers have worked wonders and it’s amazing!

Ya, ya, ya.. I know. Everyone has their own beliefs on what works & what doesn’t! This is just a suggestion. Take it or leave it! I just highly recommend them [just as long as they know what they are doing]. Do your research and find someone who YOU feel comfortable with! I’ve been with the same Chiropractor for almost 4 years now. Visited him throughout my pregnancy [TOTAL LIFE SAVER], got my husband hooked & now my girls go.

Remember… only suggesting it. No one can force you to do anything! On that note… Moana has been our best friend today [although it is most days]. But no complaints from this momma! Now should I watch more shows or examine the back of my eye lids?? Decisions to make! In the words of my most recent favorite character…

“Maui out!!” -Maui (Dwayne Johnson)


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