Monday seems like a good day to start!

Monday, the start of a new week. Beginning of a new month [sorta]. Lets kick-start a new venture!

Hey it’s Miranda, better known as Mir. If you haven’t read the “About” section yet, feel free to head on over sometime & do so! Here is a quick run around of who I am anyway… Last year in my 20’s, before a new decade of fun starts. Momma to twin identical girls, Emersyn & Ainsley… [“Yes they are TWINS. Yes they are IDENTICAL. Yes they are BOTH girls…” Future post to follow.] Married to my best friend, my rock, and the one who ‘just gets me’, Jason. I am a stay at home mom, who needs to just ‘talk’ sometimes.

Life is full of ups and downs, lucky for us more ups than downs! But every now and again, a change is needed in life. Which is why I decide to take on this new venture of blogging. It won’t always be about being a mom, or my girls, or my husband. That I can promise you! Maybe I decide to dress up one day and want to flaunt it. Or a mini vacation randomly takes place and I want to share new gems we find! [By the way, traveling is something we LOVE to do. So don’t be shocked if that happens often!] There may be a day I just need to vent, get something off my chest. What better way to share ANY of that, then writing!

I’m gonna focus on life & every aspect that I can. As well as often as I can, but don’t be shocked if life does gets in the way sometimes! If you have any input, suggestions, questions, or stories to share… DO SO! I want to hear from you. You are the ones that will help keep me afloat, at times! So don’t be shy. I promise I won’t be! It’s just not my nature.

Short. Sweet. Simple. Until next time!

❤ Mir

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